Giles Hutchins

Giles Hutchins is a visionary speaker, writer and adviser who goes one step beyond conventional sustainable business. Formerly a management consultant with KPMG, more recently Global Director of Sustainability for Atos, co-founder of Biomimicry for Creative Innovation, adviser for Akasha Innovation and ambassador for Embercombe, he applies ancient wisdom and pioneering new thought to the activation of a new consciousness inspired by and in harmony with Nature. He is author of The Illusion of Separation for a short video see here. He blogs at, facebook community and tweets @gileshutchins.

The Future of Business: Redesigning for Resilience

August 29, 2016

Having just finished interviewing senior executives from a range of organisations for a Global Leadership study, and I am struck by the consistency in perspectives even though the organisations are quite different. Every CEO I have interviewed ranks their number one challenge today as dealing with the pace and scale of change now upon us.…