At Interface, We’re Made for More

Can a floor be more than a floor?

We think so. At Interface, we believe in flooring that is made with purpose and without compromise. That’s why we say our flooring is Made for More — it means our customers don’t have to choose between sophisticated patterns and durability or between ease of maintenance and low carbon impact. With Interface, there’s no “either” — only “more.” More beautiful design. More innovation. More performance. More sustainability.

The driving force behind Interface’s ability to deliver more is our people, so we’re starting our new Made for More blog series by asking employees around the world to share their thoughts on how Interface is Made for More. Check out their perspectives below!

Liz Minné, Head of Global Sustainability Strategy – USA

“Interface’s story shows that when a company innovates with sustainability in mind, that can spur advancements in other areas of the business as well. Innovation is infused into the culture here, and as we consider new technologies, materials, and processes to lower our carbon footprint, that can also drive exciting opportunities for other teams within Interface.

A great example of this is how our Interface Design Studio now provides customers with floor designs that include carbon footprint metrics right on their floor plans. We even compare the carbon footprint of their Interface flooring selections to industry averages, so their carbon savings are very clear. And our R&D team works tirelessly to reduce that footprint even further, with truly innovative products like our carbon negative carpet tile, so we can deliver greater carbon savings year-over-year. This conveys how interconnected our various teams have to be — you have R&D, sustainability, and design collaborating constantly, and that’s why our flooring is Made for More.”

Tetchie Tregent, Design Studio Manager – Australia

“For me, Made for More is about exceeding expectations and going beyond the ordinary, and I think that is what sets Interface apart. With the products we produce, it’s always about the quality and the purpose, and particularly in design, everything is fit for purpose — it’s about what’s going to be the most appropriate fit for the space. Of course, aesthetics are a priority, but when we think about designing without compromises, we have to consider sustainability and performance as well.

In terms of Made for More within the Design Studio our team has extensive knowledge and expertise in flooring, so we’re able to offer more specialised support to Interface customers. We see ourselves as consultants that simplify the design process by helping designers and end-users with everything from flooring selection to installation, all as an added value.”

John Haenen, National Key Account Manager – Netherlands

“Given our history with Mission Zero® and Climate Take Back™, our customers expect us to take bold steps when it comes to sustainability leadership. That’s where we really stand out. We continue to push new ideas that make us a game changer in the world of modular flooring. Innovations like our carbon negative products, our transition styles, and our TacTiles® glueless installation are making a real difference in the built environment. And what’s great about Interface is there’s always more to come — that’s why Made for More is the perfect way to describe our products.”

Mandy Leeming, Design Director – United Kingdom

“We have always been about great design, grounded in human experience and the natural world. And since quality and sustainability are a given at Interface, they’re embodied within us when designing products. This is great because it makes us a one-stop shop. We can offer our customers everything they want and need in a high-performing floor that looks amazing but also has a positive impact on people and the planet. Everything is in one package, no matter the product type or style, which simplifies product selection.”

Andre Culpepper, Chemist III-Pilot Lab Manager – USA

“At Interface, we regard innovation-led growth as critical, and we invest in new technologies that enable us to continue taking our aesthetics, performance and sustainability to new heights. We are more than just a flooring company – we are a company of endless possibilities. And the pilot lab is where we explore those possibilities and figure out which ones to bring to life. We actually call the pilot lab our “sandbox” — because that is where we get a chance to play around with starting formulations and new raw materials and see what works best.

On a personal level, Interface has helped me realise how I am Made for More. I began my career here, but between graduating college and joining Interface, I had applied to several jobs that I didn’t get because I lacked experience. There was a time when I felt inadequate and that I had wasted my time and money on a degree that I wouldn’t be able to use — in fact, I almost forfeited my interview with Interface out of anxiety and fear of the unknown. However, Interface recognised my potential, and over the past 13 years they’ve invested in me as well. They accepted me with open arms and made it my home.”

Learn More About Made for More

This post is just our first feature discussing how Interface is Made for More, so be sure to watch this space for updates! In the meantime, click here to understand what makes Interface flooring more than just something you can walk on.

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