Orgatec 2022: Trends

Orgatec is the leading international trade fair for equipment and furnishing of offices and modern working. The fair takes place every two years in Cologne, Germany and is considered a driver of all operators throughout the industry for office and commercial equipment. International exhibitors show the latest trends and innovations in furnishing, lighting, flooring, acoustics, media and conference technology.

Our world of work has changed more rapidly over the last two years than at almost any other time before. Working from home and video conferencing, multi-local and virtual working in agile teams have placed new demands on work environments. Workplaces need to be more flexible and sustainable.

The key topics at Orgatec were hybrid and flexible working.

Colour Trends

At Orgatec, we saw colourful diversity over dull, uniform grey surroundings. Showcasing that employees prefer unique and adaptable office environments.

We saw four main colour themes at the fair.

  1. Pastel and Blush
  2. Golden Yellows
  3. Nourishing Greens
  4. Colour Blocking

Pastel shades were prominent at Orgatec 2022. 

Browns, Terracotta, Red, Blush

Golden yellow and nourishing green were captured when walking through the exhibition halls. 

And finally, colour-blocking was an eye-catching concept.

Comfortable Workplace

Orgatec 2022 reflected on office environments for the new normal. Solutions that make the office more attractive for teamwork, collaboration and social interaction.

Before the pandemic, work was already increasingly freeing itself from fixed locations. This trend has also blurred the boundaries between design for the office and the home. While homes have become offices, offices are visibly transforming into home-like-feel-good zones.

Manufacturers showcased developments in furniture for remote workers that meet ergonomic requirements and fit into a home environment.

To find out how you can introduce these colour palettes and ideas into your space, book a consultation with our concept design team.

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