Colour Spotlight: Nourishing Greens

Colour trends can be tricky to navigate – what’s in, what’s out and, most importantly, what works for a particular space? In our latest blog series, Natalie Makowski, Product Design Manager, shines a spotlight on emerging colour trends, exploring how to apply these tones to commercial spaces.

First up is nourishing green, which has become a popular choice for office spaces throughout 2022 and is set to dominate in 2023, too.

Biophilic design is evolving

Over the last five years, the biophilic design trend has continued to grow and is now applied across the majority of commercial projects. However, we’ve recently started to see a shift away from its roots of bright, lime greens to richer, darker tones.

These forest colours are growing in popularity as they introduce a sense of balance to create relaxing breakout spaces that support end-user wellbeing without straying too far from traditional corporate colours, making it the perfect choice for workplaces.


Using nourishing greens

Flooring solutions like NY+LON Streets Green Glass are perfect for a flood fill within office spaces as they introduce green tones in a subtle way. However, with the rise of the resimercial trend and desire for a comfortable, homely feel within workplaces, we’re seeing the increased use of nourishing greens for rugs and zones within social and wellness areas. Styles such as Woven Gradience Emerald and Heuga 727 Bottle Green and Forest are perfect for creating these zones within open plan spaces while furniture and accessories with rich green tones and soft textures such as forest green velvet sofas and chairs to introduce a sense of comfort.


Complementary tones

Though grey tones remain a popular choice across commercial design, warm beige and brown shades like Woven Gradience Terracotta are better suited to pair with nourishing greens, helping to bring out the warmth of the colour and create a more relaxed, welcoming environment in corporate spaces. LVT in natural finishes like Textured Woodgrains in Antique Oak also allow designers to create a more biophilic finish and can be better suited to areas with high footfalls due to its sound proofing qualities, which further support end user wellbeing.

For more inspiration on using nourishing greens, get in touch for a consultation with our concept design team.

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