Beautiful Thinking: Concept Designers Story

#BeautifulThinking is using our Concept Design team to help deliver inspiring interiors

Beautiful thinking is all about being able to see the potential in any space, and taking influences from the world around us to create stunning interior design schemes that impress and engage visitors. Sometimes, it’s the most challenging brief that sparks the most visionary design.

No two projects are alike – every space has its own challenges that must be addressed in order to create truly beautiful design. However, creative floor designs can be a really impactful way to bring a design vision to life.

The role of the Interface Concept Design team is to support architects and designers in finding beautiful, flooring solutions to help achieve their project requirements within their allocated budget. All the support we offer is bespoke to the project and the designer, which can include creating custom colours, products or mood boards. We can get involved in just a single phase of the process or offer design support from start to finish.

Events such as Clerkenwell Design Week, as well as art galleries, museums and even the natural world inspire the Concept Design team, who work on projects of all shapes, sizes – from office and retail environments, to schools, hospitals and hotels.

Modular flooring can be ideal for achieving these goals, combining tiles from different ranges in a variety of textures. Interface has a number of ranges that work well together, such as Composure, World Woven and Urban Retreat. The organic, non-directional weaves of these collections complement each other to create distinctive, yet harmonious designs.

Incorporating a splash of colour into a neutral flooring scheme is also another way to create a distinctive, yet contemporary design. Blocks of colour can be used to define spaces within an open-plan office for specific activities, while adding colours to match a company’s branding can help an organisation stamp its mark on an interior, wowing visitors.

But it’s not just colour which adds to design, the shape of the carpet tiles themselves can add interest. For example, Interface’s Skinny Planks and Square tiles can be used together to allow creative flexibility in design.

These are just a few simple ideas to inspire creative approaches to floor design to make the most of any interior, achieve ambitious interior design goals and find innovative solutions to engender positive change – that’s what Beautiful Thinking is all about.

Using this industry insight, and taking a creative approach to flooring challenges, we can support architects and designers in enabling even the smallest spaces to achieve their design potential. In doing so, we can help them add the final flourish to their projects and deliver beautiful interiors.

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