Beautiful Thinking: Peldon Rose’s Story

Beautiful Thinking is creating inspirational spaces that attract new talent and improve employee retention.

The design and structure of a workplace can significantly affect employee morale, well-being and productivity. In fact, 33% of workers say that office design can impact their decision as to whether or not to accept a job offer at all.1

Workplace interior specialists, Peldon Rose, believe that beautiful thinking means taking inspiration from natural surroundings to create more positive, engaging and enjoyable spaces to work.

It is widely accepted that human beings have an intrinsic attraction to nature and natural processes. This concept, known as biophilia, can deliver many physical and psychologic benefits.

However, with over 80% of the UK’s office workforce based in urban environments, our everyday working lives are growing increasingly isolated from our natural roots.

By bringing elements of the outside in through nature-inspired décor, innovative interior designers can help restore this connection – to the benefit of both employees and businesses.

Steve Taylor, Project Director at Peldon Rose, explains: “The incorporation of nature-inspired materials and elements can help create more positive working environments that stimulate the senses – increasing focus and productivity, sparking creativity and reducing stress.”

As workplace ‘thinkers and makers’, we aim to understand how employees use a space, and then explore how biophilic design elements could help them to, for example, draw energy and ideas, or simply concentrate and recuperate.

The JustGiving head office in Southwark is an example of how Peldon Rose uses biophilic elements to create inspiring workspaces that make positive impacts on employee engagement and enthusiasm. The Eating Meeting Hub, for example, is one of many spaces in the office in which biophilic design has been used to create a space conducive to collaboration and agile working.

Another project in which Peldon Rose utilised the potential of biophilia is the London HQ of digital agency, Essence. Interface’s biophilic-inspired Urban Retreat collection was used to help create a space that was calming and stimulating – taking inspiration from outdoor spaces around the office. That’s beautiful thinking.

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1The Global Impact of Biophilic Design in the Workplace,

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