Creating Inspiring Hospitality Interiors with our New Collection

Following the launch of our latest Hospitality Collection, we caught up with Germany based Concept Designer, Barbara, to find out more about where the inspiration behind the collection came from. 

Tell us about the new EMEA Hospitality Collection… 

The collection includes 21 patterns and 80 products in total. The exquisite design palette incorporates both neutral and accent colours, subtle and geometric patterns, biophilic and vintage inspired designs to provide designers with a breadth of options.  

The dark colours create a sense of luxury and comfort, with a touch of drama for the guests. Where the reds and purples work well within contemporary and sophisticated front of house environments contrasted by the neutral and pastel tones offering warmth and balance for areas of relaxation. We’ve included a diverse range of earthy colours – greens, and browns connecting us to nature. Part of the collection also includes retro patterns, colours and textures, that provide comfort and familiarity for guests. 

The products are manufactured in four sizes, so the collection can adapt to a variety of spaces and styles. These can be used individually or combined with other carpet, LVT or nora rubber products to create unique designs. 

What are the benefits of the collection for the hospitality setting? 

The new collection offers variety for all types of hospitality space – from boutique to more traditional, modern to corporate. The multiple flooring options, carpet tile, LVT, and rubber floor work seamlessly to provide options for all surfaces in a hospitality venue – from stairs to corridors, bar areas to bedrooms.  

The Interface installation system is designed for ease and minimal waste which is perfect to minimize downtime in busy hospitality spaces. And all our products are carbon neutral across their entire product lifecycle. 

Are there different settings which suit certain products better?  

For those looking for a smooth texture, ‘Overedge’, ‘City of Angels’ and ‘Portmanteau’ are all great choices. If you’re looking for something a little more luxurious, the ‘Filigree’ pattern provides grace and elegance. ‘Sampa’ and ‘A Cut Above’ would be wonderful choices for customers who want vintage and biophilic trend-led flooring. And, if you’re looking for something that connects to nature, the flowers in ‘Hip Over History’ really reflect this – it’s like sitting in a flower field.  

Here are some of my favourite images using the new collection in a variety of hospitality settings. ‘Hip Over History’ is used within a very opulent surrounding, along with ‘Brushed Lines’ to create a luxurious, yet cosy atmosphere.  ‘A Cut Above’ has been chosen against white walls and furniture to create bold statement flooring within a lobby space, whilst showcasing the pattern on a large scale.  

Hip Over History M0939 - Bouquet & Brushed Lines Celadon; A Cut Above M0833 - Carnation

Hip Over History M0939 – Bouquet & Brushed Lines Celadon; A Cut Above M0833 – Carnation

I’ve selected two very different styles, both using berry tones. The deep poppy hue in the bedroom features ‘Portmanteau’ and reminds me of an Art Deco style, which works perfectly with the retro style furniture.  ‘Hip Over History’ has been selected in a very traditional Persian carpet colour, replicating a common trend seen in boutique hotels – wonderfully combining patterns with a modern interior decor. 

PM19 - Berry & Textured Woodtrains - Rustic Cashew; Hip Over History M0939 - Orient & Textured Woodgrains - Rustic Cashew

PM19 – Berry & Textured Woodtrains – Rustic Cashew; Hip Over History M0939 – Orient & Textured Woodgrains – Rustic Cashew

The Luxury Collection and nora® rubber work beautifully together in this lounge, alongside the cool shades of the furniture and graphic features on the wall. The geometric patterns contrast, providing a playful feel complemented by the more classic accessories, which provide glamour and elegance. 

LC02 - Ink; norament 926 Arago - 5179

LC02 – Ink; norament 926 Arago – 5179

How can the flooring design positively impact guest experience?  

Hospitality design is one of the most important ways to create a great guest experience. The use of biophilia can help by bringing nature inside, which is proven to reduce stress and improve well-being. With the brighter, more adventurous patterns and colours we can build a dynamic and uplifting environment, enhancing spaces and creating unique atmospheres. These brighter colours can also have a stimulating effect on our mood and the human psyche. 

What impact has an increased focus on sustainability and well-being had on product or design requirements?  

Recycled and biobased materials have become much more important. Designing with carbon neutral products in your spaces is a great place to start. Another great way to help customers achieve their sustainability goals is for manufacturers to offer a second life to products that are removed as part of a re-fit or refresh. Our products help in both ways, they’re designed with sustainability in mind and our ReEntry programme provides option for flooring to be reused, recycled or repurposed.  

For more inspiration around the hospitality sector, see our Hospitality Trends brochure here.

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