High-quality Flooring for High-quality Education

noraplan signa complements a modern design concept

Xi’an Eurasia University is an international application-oriented university. Its main focus is on courses such as management, economics, art, literature, teaching and engineering. Since its establishment, the university has consistently adhered to the goal of providing high-quality education for its more than 20,000 students. Xi’an Eurasia University has topped the Chinese Alumni Network’s Chinese Financial and Economic Private Universities ranking for seven consecutive years. It is therefore one of the top private finance and business universities in mainland China. Xi’an Eurasia University has been undergoing continuous renovation for about twenty years to provide students and teaching staff with a constantly up-to-date, innovative learning environment. It now has one of the most beautiful university campuses in Shaanxi province. The university has been pursuing a Green Campus plan, which aims to create a regional model for a green campus in five to ten years.
One of the recent renovations involved the use of light-coloured noraplan signa rubber flooring to generate a modern, spacious ambience. The flexible, roomy communication and learning areas are located on all levels and are designed to meet the diverse needs of students and teaching staff.

A modern look and a high level of comfort

noraplan signa provides a purist look and at the same time offers ergonomic and acoustic advantages. The lasting elasticity of the rubber flooring makes it both pleasant to walk on and reduces footfall sound. It is also easy to clean and therefore offers very good hygienic properties. “The fact that no joint-sealing is required makes rubber flooring ideal for modern furnishing concepts, where a minimalist look and a monochrome surface effect are desired”, say the architects Marie-Agnès Blond and Stéphane Roux.

Low emission materials for the world of tomorrow

“It has always been and continues to be important to keep the environment in mind during the course of the renovation work”, the architects continue. “So when we chose the materials, we also considered the sustainability properties of the materials themselves.” That’s where the rubber flooring fits in well. It is low-emission and has been awarded numerous international environmental certificates. In addition, as part of the Interface initiative Carbon Neutral Floors, it is carbon neutral across the entire product life cycle. Interface takes a three-step approach to determine CO₂ emissions: avoidance, reduction and then offsetting the remaining CO₂ emissions by purchasing certificates in verified emission reduction projects.

A floor that can be enjoyed for years

nora rubber flooring including noraplan uni, noraplan signa and noraplan sentica was installed at Xi’an Eurasia University in 2013, 2016 and 2019. The fact that nora flooring has been repeatedly installed at the university demonstrates that the flooring continues to meet the visual and technical requirements for many years. Even after decades, nora rubber flooring shows almost no sign of wear. This enormous wear resistance is a result of the elasticity and durability of the processed rubber and leads to attractive floors for the long-term future.

Project: Xi’an Eurasia University, China
Installation: 2021
Products: noraplan® signa, 6,000 m²
Architect: Blond & Roux Architectes Sarl
Photos: © Xi’an Eurasia University

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