Meet the Team Behind our Designs: Hilda Wang

In this blog series we’re catching up with the talented team from across the world that make up the Interface Design Studio. It’s your chance to get to know them and find out more about their work at Interface and what inspires them.  

Here, we meet Hilda Wang, our North Asia Design Studio Manager. 

hilda wang

Hi Hilda! What is your role at Interface? 

Hello! I am our North Asia Design Studio Manager, based in Shanghai. I’ve been part of the team for two and a half years. 

How did you start your career in design? 

I graduated as a designer in 2011 and immediately joined Korea’s largest building and decoration materials company. During my eight years there I was involved in developing new products, designing and managing flooring projects across China, and working closely with our sales team to achieve our goals. A big part of my role was also researching materials, including flooring, wallpaper and films for furniture and home appliances. I would be responsible for communicating the findings of that research with our global team and developing trend reports to support our markets. I then joined Interface in 2019 as a Concept Designer. In 2022 I was promoted to Design Studio Manager, North Asia 

Tell us about the team you work with 

The team I work with day-to-day in Shanghai is close-knit and I’m happy that they’re now my friends as well as my colleagues. The wider Design Studio is made up of such kind, energetic and creative people and I particularly enjoy our design meetings. Getting to see case studies from across the regions is fantastic and the work we share as part of our Design Tribe online is so inspiring. I also work really closely with our sales team to create plans and renderings for clients. Being able to get involved in meetings and talk directly to the designer or end-user is really beneficial when it comes to discussing the concept behind projects in more depth. 

 What’s been your biggest achievement at Interface so far? 

I think it has to be our Shanghai showroom, known as Oasis. I was involved in the whole process right from the beginning of the design, discussing the plans with the design company, to the later stages which involved selecting materials, furniture, planting and of course designing the floorplan. It is such a beautiful, inspiring space that is just perfect. I’m incredibly proud of this project. 

Shanghai Showroom - Oasis

Shanghai Showroom – Oasis

Shanghai Showroom - Oasis

Shanghai Showroom – Oasis

What are your favourite Interface collections and why? 

I love NY+LON Streets. The collection is inspired by the iconic cities of New York and London and is made up of six products. You can really feel the city in this collection and it’s very different from our previous global products. The patterns feel very different and they work perfectly as a combination or when they’re installed separately. 

NY+LON Streets - Broome Street, Yellow Glass; Wheeler Street - Iron Square

NY+LON Streets – Broome Street, Yellow Glass; Wheeler Street – Iron Square

How important is living and working in a sustainable way to you? Has working at Interface changed your mindset on sustainability? 

It’s really important to me. Working at Interface means that you can have an impact on a big scale by choosing sustainable products for projects, but I also make sure that I’m making smaller sustainable choices in my everyday life. I use environmentally conscious bags and when I’m out and about I make sure I bring my own cutlery so I don’t get stuck and have to use a disposable option. 

What do you like to do in your spare time? 

Food plays a big part! I love to bake and cook. My interest in design also extends beyond work and I enjoy going to art exhibitions, doing crafts and painting. 

Who is your favourite designer and why? 

Zaha Hadid is incredibly inspiring. It is so interesting to see how she breaks away from traditional architectural shapes. She uses a lot of curved lines which allow the building and the environment to blend together really well. 

If you could give advice to someone who wanted to get into design, what would you say? 

Definitely read more, look at other people’s excellent work and travel as much as you can – it will open up your mind.  

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