Meet the Team Behind our Designs: Lalaine Dizon

Could you introduce yourself and what you do?
I am a Concept designer for Northern Europe based in Stockholm, Sweden. My role as a designer is to be responsive to our customers’ vision and needs regarding their choice of flooring – translating the briefs into our product catalogue to help them with the best possible solutions for their design intent.

What were you doing before Interface? Where did you work?
I have a background in Interior Architecture and have for the past decade worked with retail and convenience store design. Most recently as a Store Developer where I worked with creating customer-centric designs, closely collaborating with the concept development team to implement brand identity and presence both globally and nationwide.

Tell us about the team you work with at Interface?
I work with the Northern and Southern Europe concept design team, account managers across the Nordics and dealers in the Baltics, as well as collaborating with regional marketing.

Meet the team: Lalaine Dizon

Who led you to choose a career in design?
I have always been a more practical student than a theoretical one so during secondary high school I enrolled in a degree in media photography which was the start of my artistical expression. Moving forward to higher studies, I wanted to learn more about colour composition but did not want it to be confined solely within painting. Therefore, I merged two worlds where I could still practice practical skills such as drawing applied with theoretical (spatial) approach.

How important is living and working sustainably to you? Has working at Interface changed your mindset on sustainability?
One of the main reasons for joining Interface was not only because of the vision of zero emission, but also due to its proven ability to take the climate seriously and lead with good example as a company. In my everyday life I have always resonated with living sustainably as being raised with not wasting food or resources and recycling. Working with Interfaces values and embracing sustainable innovations is therefore to me an extension of who I am and how I want to live.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
This is very seasonal. During winter I love being a child again, making snowmen, riding sleighs down a steep hill or skiing. In spring I’m preparing my garden and planning for the year’s vegetable harvest. During summer we often take a late-night dip in the nearby lake and during fall we hike in the forest and go on treasure hunts. e.g., Chanterelle mushrooms!

Who’s your favorite designer, and why?
Last year during Stockholm Design Week a rising star Antrei Hartikainen from Finland was dubbed. Ever since he has been on my radar. Combining traditional material with modern techniques and contemporary design he produces delicate simplistic aesthetics that ooze Scandinavian minimalistic heritage. But the list can be made long for inspirational designers.

Are there any projects/brands you’ve been inspired by recently and why?
Sustainability has been close to everyone’s retina for some while. But whilst being a consumer who wants to take part in the movement for a more sustainable future, I have been more conscious of how the corporate world is acting and drives their businesses. One that has stood out is Axfoundation which is a nonprofit organization who invests in research, in many fields, that can encourage suppliers and producers to question resources. This sparks innovation and creates the ripple effect of sharing knowledge making sustainability accessible for more business. I have been monitoring their initiatives for some time and it is inspiring to see how questioning old ways creates positive impacts from a macro perspective down to me as a single consumer.

If you could give advice to anyone who wanted to get into design, what would you say?
Get inspired, be brave and do your thing. Designing is a trial-and-error process where the constraint lies in not trying new and unexpected things.

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