Meet the Team Behind our Designs: Rebecka Oberg

We’re introducing you to the team behind our designs to give you a chance to get to know them and find out more about what inspires them. Next up is Rebecka Oberg, our concept designer in the Nordics and Baltics. 

Could you introduce yourself and what you do?

I work as a concept designer in Stockholm and joined Interface 1,5 years ago. My background is in interior architecture, and I’ve spent the last six years designing office, hospitality and educational spaces.

I first came across Interface’s concept design service three years ago while working on a project with a strong sustainability focus. The visual floorplan that Interface provided supported our client to make bolder decisions and changed their attitude about what was possible to achieve with flooring. Now it is my job to be part of that team, helping our clients to deliver their vision for flooring across commercial projects.

What were you doing before Interface? Where did you work?

I’ve worked for a number of architecture firms specialising in office design and hospitality, including Spectrum Arkitekter and Sandell Sandberg arkitekter. Sustainability has played a huge part in my career, and I’ve been lucky enough to work with many high-profile environmental projects such as Keep Sweden Clean and the ‘Sustainable House’ at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology.

Tell us about the team you work with at Interface? 

I work with the Northern Europe concept design team and account managers across the Nordics and dealers in Baltics as well as the product team based in England. There’s always a diverse mix of perspectives which is really refreshing.

I have a lot of experience working with architects directly, and I use that expertise on my projects with Interface. Ultimately, we’re all working towards the same goal – whether delivering a project or product on time – so there’s plenty of dialogue in both directions on how we can do better and plenty of positive team spirit!

What’s been your biggest achievement working at Interface so far?

We recently completed a huge office project in Gothenburg where our client was really bold with its colour choices, which is quite rare in the Nordic region – we are used to our clients preferring grey, neutral tones. I was trusted to design a bold concept from scratch, and I chose our Woven Gradience collection, which integrates bright colours and patterns.

What’s your favourite Interface collection, and why?

I love Contemplation. It’s such a classic, subtle design and the neutral tones complement so many other colours. This product is a little unknown, but every client that I show it to within the Nordic area loves it. It has a nice subtle texture and an interesting muted tweed design.

How important is living and working sustainably to you? Has working at Interface changed your mindset on sustainability?

Living sustainably is super important but can be difficult, so it’s important to get the things you can change right. Travel is just one small change that can make a difference – I’m lucky enough to live in Stockholm, where I can take public transport to work really easily. I’d love to go one step further commute by bike, but our cycle lanes aren’t quite up to the standard of other cities like Copenhagen just yet.

I’ve resonated with Interface’s values for a long time. I did my university thesis on biophilic design in office spaces, and I’m very aware of sustainability issues, as most Swedes are. Since joining Interface, I’ve been so impressed by the company’s way of thinking and being influenced by nature to make innovative products that work like an ecosystem.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I swim with my three-year-old son every week, and I love seeing how quickly he learns and experiments in the water. We started swimming during the pandemic, and he’s very energetic and absolutely loves it, so we haven’t stopped since!

Who’s your favourite designer, and why?

I’ve always been fascinated by design and great interiors, but my interest started watching films when I was younger. The Star Wars saga has a strong, interesting design concept, mixing minimalist with maximalist but always focusing on design that adds to the story and feeling.

I’m constantly on the lookout for different expressions of feelings when creating interiors or looking at design. I’m very keen on functional design – thanks to my Swedish modern design heritage. I love colours, but they need to be introduced in the right way to give a muted playfulness. I always look at the work of Inga Sempé, Patricia Urquiola and Doshi Levien for inspiration for this.

Are there any projects/brands you’ve been inspired by recently and why?

I really like natural materials like wood, and there’s an interesting Swedish brand called Gärsnäs, which has done some great design collaborations and works in an inspiring way to keep up to date with its design. I also love Wästberg – a Swedish lighting brand with playful and interesting products.

If you could give advice to anyone who wanted to get into design, what would you say?

There is so much choice out there, and it can be overwhelming, but just remember to have fun and focus on your own vision for the space!



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