Inspiration Behind the Woven Gradience Collection

We have recently introduced the latest collection in our portfolio of design-led products, Woven Gradience. Combining naturally-inspired colours with soft, muted greys, the collection has been designed to celebrate our connection to nature through colour.

What each of us experience from nature is totally unique to us, and this versatile collection touches upon that connection by allowing you to combine different colours together to create motivating and energising spaces.

Beth, the lead designer behind Woven Gradience, gives us an insight into her inspiration for the collection…

Beth comments: “Woven Gradience began as an exploratory project that evolved into a positive reaction of the pandemic. People and the planet are our key focus when it comes to design, so I naturally thought of ways to better the human experience of workspaces in response to the changing opinion of what a workspace is and what we need from it. After the pandemic, we need to feel connected to each other, to our environment, whilst also feeling safe and motivated. It seems like a simple thing, talking about designing carpet tiles, but that’s the beauty of it. It is a simple solution to a growing demand for positive spaces.”

The Woven Gradience collection is part of the Interface Carbon Neutral Floors™ programme, making all the tiles within it carbon neutral across their full product lifecycle. The tiles use CQuest™Bio backing – a non-vinyl, non-bitumen backing made with a bio-composite, containing bio-based and recycled fillers. The materials are net carbon negative.

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