Colour Spotlight: Vivid Teals

Throughout this blog series, we’re taking a look at trending colours in commercial design. Next up is vivid teals – a colour family that has been used in residential settings for a number of years but is gradually making its stamp on commercial spaces too.

Read on to find out more from Natalie Makowski, Product Design Manager EMEA.

Inspired by resimercial

While vivid teal shades have been steadily trending for the last few years, particularly in residential spaces, they are starting to become a key trend across offices, with more companies looking to introduce the jewel tone into corporate colour schemes.

The deep aqua shade can be used with soft grey tones to energise neutral workplaces and add a modern edge. At Interface, we’ve introduced styles like Woven Gradience Lagoon, Open Air 403 Teal and Heuga 580 Reef to meet the growing demand for a burst of teal in commercial projects. While these collections can make a beautiful statement as a flood fill, the bright colour tends to have more impact in smaller spaces such as meeting rooms and should be used within rugs and zones in big open plan offices.

For a softer feel in social and wellness areas – riding the growing resimercial trend –  vivid teals can be grounded by neutral textured carpets and woodgrain LVT to create a more comforting space.


Subtle introduction

As teal can be overwhelming in great doses, the trend can be applied more subtly through accessories and furnishings to achieve the same modern finish. For example, flooring designs using neutral collections like Recreation Create and Fresco Valley Cliff Limestone can be complemented by teal chairs and sofas to make a bold statement, with more flexibility to adapt the design if the requirements of the space changes over time. Vivid teals also set off metallic finishes such as gold chair legs to introduce a touch of luxury in spaces that need to impress, such as reception areas.

Get more inspiration on how to introduce vivid teals into your designs by booking a consultation with our concept design team.

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