Nigel Stansfield

In his role, Nigel is responsible for setting and leading the company’s growth strategy throughout the EAAA region. This includes driving growth in the core carpet tile and resilient flooring business, while also bringing new offerings to market and delivering supply chain efficiencies. He is also spearheading the Interface Climate Take Back mission focused on reversing global warming and creating a positive impact on the environment.

Since first joining the Interface global project team in 1997, Nigel has gone on to pursue roles in supply chain, research and development, and product, design and innovation. In 2012, Nigel became a member of the global leadership team. Most recently, he held the position of EMEA, President.

Nigel has over 30 years’ experience as a textile technologist, and is an expert in yarn, carpet and carpet manufacturing.

Lancement de notre dalle de moquette à empreinte carbone négative

avril 1, 2021

L’an dernier, en octobre, nous avons franchi une étape incroyable :nous avons lancé nos premières dalles de moquette à empreinte carbone négative (cradle-to-gate) sur le continent Américain. Je suis fier d’annoncer qu’à partir d’aujourd’hui, nos clients de la région Europe, Afrique, Asie et Australie (EAAA) ont également accès à notre première collection de dalles de moquette à empreinte carbone négative, Embodied Beauty, et à notre premier produit microtuft à empreinte carbone négative, Flash Line.